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Completed scroll (minus Calligraphy)

It's done.... well, everything I'm planning on doing to it is complete. All that's left is the calligraphy.

2 full-size images (I know, my camera sucks): 

Left side: 

Right side: 
(Do you see me in the top left hand corner? I thought it was clever)

Almost all of the grotesques stand for something or another; I enjoy adding a lot of significance to the pieces that I create. I'm really hoping he likes it'; I'm a total wreck about it at this point. Oh well.... on to completing the documentation... tomorrow. Bedtime now.

Impact Scroll: Progress

So Impact's scroll is just about done.... here are 3 photos to give you and idea of what's been completed and what still needs to be done. Click on the image to see it enlarged.

Image 1: full scroll

Image 2: Left side with minature

All that is left on this one is the gold leaf and adding a bit more detail to the miniature which I'm not 100% on. I know I did the ocean wrong and the sky looks wonky to me. Might just be me overthinking things, though.

Image 3: Right side

On this side I just have to complete the heraldry, fix the tree because it doesn't look right, and add the gold leaf and the wording. Have to remember to finish the wording. Ugh.

On a whole, I'm fairly pleased with the outcome; my work is greatly improving which is always a plus. Once I have the completed product I will post images from start to finish.

Impact Scroll: Layout

I received a response to post the progress, therefore I'm going to do so.

Here is the layout for Impact's scroll.
Full page: 

Left Side close-up: 

Right Side Close-up: 

I'm using parchmentine as the base. The full-size is 22x30 per his request, but I've blocked it down so that the two rectangles that I'm working are about 12x16. The layout is mostly in pencil, aside from an ink-outline (very poorly done on my part) for the miniature. I've added in different aspects of both his persona and his time in the game to it, from the tree for Terra Norte to the lyre and star for Cithura. I've also got his coyote, mermaid, sailor hat and his wife and 2 kids in the scroll as well.

Will post once I start the painting.

Impact Scroll

Hi all,
I'm currently working on a 15th century French-influenced scroll for HRM Sir Ian Michael Pact. I will also be working on a handfasting/embrotherment scroll for Sir Kavin and Jose as well. I'm happy to post my progress here, I was just wondering if there was any interest to see what I was doing.

I've been studying advanced illumination skills which include studying pieces and looking for ways to pick them apart or see them from a period artist's eye and not a modern artist's eye. This is proving to be a bit difficult as a majority of the population does not see the 'medieval' aspect as attractive. I've also been studying various techniques in brush strokes and color for pieces.

Is there any interest in seeing the progress? if not, I'll simply post the finished product here once it's complete.

New Style Shinai Spear (short)

Piece one. The part of the spear that compresses into the sleeve.

Springs, 4 for this length weapon: ~45"

Piece 2, the sleeve that the holds the springs and into which the spear head piece compresses.

Close up for PVC information.

A little experiment

Not sure if this community is even going anymore, but I figured I'd contribute.

My arts experiment:

The inspiration:

It's a shoulder "shield" decoration featuring my personal arms. It's done, and I will be wearing it during faire, but I'm a little iffy on it's structural security for all day wear. The arm band piece seems a little loose. The "shield" itself is waxed leather that I then painted my arms on. It's designed to go on either arm and it can be easily attached to and removed from a baldric or shoulder strap.

Bonjour all! So the 3rd level knighting scroll is finished. Gothic-style, lots of gold-leaf, it's amazing. Here are the pics! 

The full-sized picture. The only thing I didn't do on this scroll was the calligraphy; everything else was my own doing. 

The top left-hand side. The main picture. This took a lot of work and effort. 

The main letter B, the banner and the processional. All of the banners and the garb worn in the processional is period (Yay for Paul as my reference). 

Close-up of the coat-of-arms. I did it with a crusaser's helmet, a mantle, swords and the shield itself, namely because all of those items are used in comat and it's a 3rd level knight combatant scroll. 

Side two, with the rest of the story. I also added a miniature with the blue belt and inscription, the gold chain and spurs. Very lovely if I do say so myself. 

To those of you who will be at Ren Faire, it's being judged there as a MasterWork. To those of you who won't be there, comment here and I'll see about sending you more info on it. I put in 100+ hours worth of work on it since August. Lots of time and energy and research and documentation and work. I just have to remember to make copies of all my picture documenting. I'm so proud of it, but I'm so scared it won't pass. The last scroll I made didn't pass, what's not to say this one won't? *Shakes Head* Either way, here's the finished product. Hope you all like it! 

Gilding/Scroll Question and comment

Hello all,
So I'm working on a scroll that I'm hoping to submit as a masterwork for Ren Faire 2007. It is a gothic-based piece for a third-level knighting. I'm planning on doing raised gold-leafing with 23 karat leaf that I purchased (Monarch Brand). I have both transfer and loose-leaf gold to work with. Now here's my question: Do any of you know about gesso for gilding? More specifically, raised guilding? I am trying to go with as period of products as I can, but I cannot seem to find a good recipe for gesso that would work. I'm trying not to use any store-bought acrylic gessos in the mix, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

When I finally take pictures of the scroll, I will post them up here for people to see. Hope you enjoy!

Garb help

Hey there,
I am just a simple man trying to find information on wether or not Falconers had specific garb in an official capacity?

Fresco Embroidery -- Week One

I know it's been a sad while since I posted here, and I'm sorry. I've recently began preparing for an embroidery project. Last week, since Hancock is closing, Jon let me binge on embroidery floss (over 200 skeins!) for just 13 cents each. *insert maniacal laugh here*

The project will be four images taken from one of Raphael's fresco'd ceilings.

I got a new embroidery frame from Walmart so the images are about 8" in diameter and will go down the length of a banner measuring 11" wide. Jon helped me find the best colors and we decided to recreate the images as if they were newly painted by Raphael, brightly and vividly. I just need to cut out and hem my fabric and then transfer the images. This should be fun. :D